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10/21 15:54 UTC7036W3GWJust had brief QSO with Joe near Baton Rouge using my 5 watt homebrewKA4KXX
10/21 15:47 UTC14060WB4MNKI'm too close for 20m, not hearing your signals....can you try 17m ? EdN7EDK
10/21 15:35 UTC14.060WB4MNKThanks Art and K3RLL - good 559 signal into VA W4KRN
10/21 15:28 UTC14060WB4MNK559 / QSB in NC... Sigs improved towards end of QSO. Here 5 wattsWB4M
10/21 15:21 UTC7.059WB4MNKListening for NAQCC and Curt WA2JSGW4KRN
10/21 15:06 UTC7.052W5FSPQRP x 2WA2JSG
10/21 15:02 UTC7.059WB4MNKPactor robot cranked up right on top of youWB4M
10/21 14:52 UTC10.116K3RLLsigs slowly getting better completed QSOWI5H
10/21 14:44 UTC10.116K3RLL439 but he cannot hear meWI5H
10/21 14:41 UTC10116K3RLLJust not my day, no luck on 30m either...not hearing a thing, sorry guys...EdN7EDK
10/21 14:26 UTC10.116K3RLLCopy 339 but not hearing meWA2JSG
10/21 14:23 UTC7060WB4MNKQRP NAQCC Lake Ashby, FLKD4JS
10/21 14:15 UTC7.061WA5IEKQRPWA2JSG
10/21 14:02 UTC7.061WA2JSG/4West Tennessee portableWA2JSG
10/21 13:57 UTC7038.9WB2DKHTnx QSO, Mark. Hr 40m Warbler at 2w in CW mode to GADS! ant 72N4QA
10/21 13:52 UTC7061KA4KXXS9 noise here in Bradenton on 40m, no copy what so ever....hope you guys go to 30m...EdN7EDK
10/21 13:50 UTC7043.0WB4MNKQRP NAQCC Lake Ashby, FLKD4JS
10/21 13:44 UTC7061KA4KXXQSO with Walter KA4KXXW9UCR
10/21 13:39 UTC14060.6WB4MNKNot hearing a thing here in Bradenton on the west coast of FL on my KX2.......EdN7EDK
10/21 13:22 UTC14060.5WB4MNKQRP NAQCC Lake Ashby, FLKD4JS

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