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12/23 03:30 UTC1800.2N4QAIC-703 to GADS! antenna, one milliwatt erpN4QA
12/23 01:44 UTC7.117NU0SNAQCC MWN 0200 UTC from Lincoln NE.... ScottyNU0S
12/23 01:38 UTC1985W0RWPRC64 on 1985 kHz CW at 0200zW0RW
12/23 01:27 UTC7285WQ5RP7:30 Sideband NetWQ5RP
12/23 00:33 UTC7.285WQ5RPHeard but no QSO...signal just above noise floor...10 W, End Fedz 40 (NVIS)K5OSA
12/23 00:30 UTC7285WQ5RPMonday Sideband NetWQ5RP
12/22 21:20 UTC28010.3FK8DD/MWorked with K2 at 5w and beam. QSX up1.WB3AAL
12/22 20:06 UTC14060K4EAYTnx QSO, Carl. Rig DSW-II-20 at 2000 mw to Miracle Whip in bedroom LOLN4QA

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