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08/30 05:26 UTC7041.0KE4ICalling CQKE4I
08/30 00:07 UTC14N4QANorCal FCC-2 at 350 w to half-wave center-fed dipole at 15 ft AGL, low end of 20mN4QA
08/29 20:25 UTC7030.5NK8OHad to move. Call agnWB3GCK
08/29 20:01 UTC7.030WB3GCK /P CQ CQWB3GCK
08/29 19:43 UTC7055NK8O Auburn ME FN44vdNK8O
08/29 18:59 UTC7.032WB3GCKLast heard on 7.032....couldn't hear meKB4QQJ
08/29 18:54 UTC0.00WB3GCKI'm looking and listening for youKB4QQJ
08/29 17:52 UTC10.116WB3GCK CQ CQ /P from the pop-up camper WB3GCK

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