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04/24 01:48 UTC7.1224SQRPOk folks, calling it a nite here, can\'t hear a thing through the noise, lets do it again next weekKC0PMH
04/24 01:10 UTC7.1224SQRPQRT until 30 mins past the hrKC0PMH
04/24 00:51 UTC3564WA0ITPFour State 80M net starts in 9 minutesWA0ITP
04/23 22:35 UTC7040.2AA0RQ/Bcontrolled beacon 500Mw from 2330 - 2400 utcAA0RQ
04/23 20:58 UTC14001.5N4QAFT-450D beaconing five milliwatts ( 5 Watts - 30 dB Bird ) to GADS! antennaN4QA
04/23 18:06 UTC14060.2WS0TAFred in NM on hilltop QRPW6ZKH
04/23 17:56 UTC14061W0RW/PMPaul out walking in the woodsW6ZKH
04/23 17:54 UTC21060.0EW7BWSergej answered my CQ. Worked with K2 at 5w and beam.WB3AAL

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