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Date/Time FrequencyCallCommentsSpotter
01/18 22:48 UTC7.121N0NBCalling with my Bayou JumperN0NB
01/18 21:23 UTC14.062KE7LKW 5WVE2JCW
01/18 20:44 UTC14040.0N9MMTnx Norm for WWF KFF-1214WB3AAL
01/18 20:11 UTC14.059K4VOZkx1 from local park memphis TNK4VOZ
01/18 19:49 UTC7015.1VE100VIMY/VEOntario!!WB3AAL
01/18 19:49 UTC7015.1VE100VIMY/VEGary is on 40m with Special Event. Worked with K2 5w HF9V on the ground.WB3AAL
01/18 19:20 UTC14061N8ZYAjohn at the lodgeWN0WWY
01/18 17:19 UTC7.041N8ZYAjohn at the lodge KC4URI
01/18 17:05 UTC10.116W0RW/PMPaul is Hiking in COW4OP
01/18 16:08 UTC14.060WB4MNKThanksKJ4DFP
01/18 15:24 UTC14.060WB4MNK Tnx for another FB qso Art, Ur KX1 doing a fine job for you. K3 5watts 2 el yagi hrN8BB
01/18 14:33 UTC14.060WB4MNKQRP Daytona FL Portable in the Park Ops QSY 14.060KD4JS
01/18 14:22 UTC14.061WB4MNKQRP Daytona FL Portable in the Park OpsKD4JS

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