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08/31 07:52 UTC14001.2N4QANorCal FCC-2 DDS VFO. Using 50 ohm output port as QRPp xmtr 35 milliwattsN4QA
08/31 03:23 UTC14.057WA5TCZCalling Cq now at 200 Milliwatts op Darron in Louisiana pleaseWA5TCZ
08/31 03:20 UTC14.057WA5TCZCQ CQ 1/2 watt op Darron Louisiana pleaseWA5TCZ
08/31 03:18 UTC14.057W8KJtnx Kevin yes we did u were 579 we worked before 2003 20m tnxWA5TCZ
08/31 03:17 UTC14.057WA5TCZtnx Darron we did it! your signal was stronger toward end of qso 72...W8KJ
08/31 03:01 UTC14.057WA5TCZCalling CQ 1/2 watt from Louisiana OP Darron WA5TCZ
08/31 02:57 UTC14.061W8KJI did hear you a few times lets try another freqWA5TCZ
08/31 02:51 UTC14.061WA5TCZlots of rtty but trying to hear youW8KJ
08/31 02:47 UTC14.061WA5TCZCalling CQ 1/2 watt QRPPWA5TCZ
08/30 22:45 UTC14062.0W0RW/PM2X QRP, INDY to Cripple CreekWA8QFE
08/30 22:11 UTC24890.0YS1/NP3J5NN Easy QRP Contact, 5wWA8QFE

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