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03/05 23:10 UTC1800.2N4QANorCal FCC-2 barefoot to GADS! antenna at 600 W erpN4QA
03/05 22:47 UTC14.061W1EJ////////////// SKCC SOTA ///////////VE2JCW
03/05 20:36 UTC14001N4QANorCal FCC-2 at three hundred fifty microwatts to GADS antennaN4QA
03/05 19:25 UTC21040.0ZD8DWorked with K2 at 5w and beam. 1st try!!WB3AAL
03/05 17:39 UTC14003N4QANorCal FCC-2 at thirty five milliwatts to GADS! antennaN4QA
03/05 12:56 UTC21012.5HA8LTQWorked Imre with K2 at 5w and beam.WB3AAL

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