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Date/Time FrequencyCallCommentsSpotter
12/20 00:21 UTC14001N4QANorCal FCC-2 at three hundred fifty microwatts to half-wave cf dipole antennaN4QA
12/19 23:52 UTC14001N4QAA second 2.2 million miles per wattt spot by AC0C at 2347z this date 9 dB SNR !N4QA
12/19 23:44 UTC1800.2N4QAIC-703 to GADS! antenna, three milliwatts erpN4QA
12/19 22:07 UTC14268.0W8KJCongratulations Dewey on Bear Island. Good catch with 5w. Now you can join the groupe!!WB3AAL
12/19 22:05 UTC18076.0RI1ANRWorked Oleg with K2 at 5w and beam. AntarcticaWB3AAL
12/19 21:35 UTC14.268JW9JKAbear island wrkd w/5watts rcvd rpt 52W8KJ
12/19 21:25 UTC28035W1AW/KH6Wkd HQ/ KH6 using FT-450D #1 AT 5000 milliwatts to GADS! antennaN4QA
12/19 20:02 UTC28017.3OX3XRWorked Peter with K2 at 5w and TA33Jr beam at 33 ft.WB3AAL

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