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04/19 00:41 UTC28360.0PP6AJMcq cq dx qrp 59PU6ELI
04/19 00:03 UTC140174Z5ADLOUD in Atl K2 4w to my wireWU4B
04/18 23:04 UTC14001.5N4QAFT-450D beaconing five milliwatts ( 5 watts - 30 dB Bird ) to GADS! antennaN4QA
04/18 19:43 UTC14.054RU1AF559 from Serge ST.Petersburg,Russia 5w/hexW1JKA
04/18 19:41 UTC14.060KB5NFTTest testKB5NFT
04/18 18:37 UTC21032.0UR5IFBWorked Dima with K2 at 5w and beam.WB3AAL
04/18 18:30 UTC21006.6OH4MSWorked tomi with K2 at 5w and beam.WB3AAL
04/18 18:25 UTC21007.0YO2LIWWorked Adi with K2 at 5 w and beam.WB3AAL
04/18 18:05 UTC7.0355W1ZUAt the park in Jericho, VTW1ZU
04/18 16:05 UTC14.0615W0RWPaul testing new radio in the parkK7NEW

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