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06/30 02:43 UTC1810.3N4QAMeissner Signal Shifter EX to the GADS! antenna at 72 mw erpN4QA
06/29 17:57 UTC14.059KV6ZTU BILL 2XQRPKB5JO
06/29 17:39 UTC21.063KE5AKLW5N/PW-017 559 N txKB5JO
06/29 15:42 UTC7197WB4SBCWalt in a Kayak on the same river? Also check 7179 SSBW0RW
06/29 15:41 UTC14061WA3WSJEd on the DE River in a KyaykW0RW
06/29 15:39 UTC28004N4QAMeissner Signal Shifter EX at 2 watts to the GADS! antenna, later today !N4QA

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