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11/30 21:46 UTC14.060NX8LA little portable QRP in Ohio as its getting darkNX8L
11/30 21:45 UTC14062K8ZAA/AI4BGTnx QSOs, Randy and Carl !N4QA/4
11/30 15:57 UTC14062.0N4QA/4RST 569 into Alabama at 15:50Z MondayK4AKC
11/30 15:10 UTC14062N4QA/4Bill, first Q in a long time very rusty with the paddle. QSB got you at the endW5USJ
11/30 15:08 UTC14062K4AKC/N4EOTnx QSOs, Tom and Jerry!N4QA/4
11/30 14:54 UTC14062AK4JASorry, Bobby. I have only 20m hr. 72N4QA/4
11/30 14:47 UTC10.115AK4JACalling N4QA/4 at 5 wattsAK4JA
11/30 14:39 UTC14062W5USJ /W1PIDTnx QSO,s Chuck Jim!N4QA/4
11/30 14:38 UTC14062AK4JAHrd someone vy wk abt tt time, Bobby. We may be too close Tnx 72, OMN4QA/4
11/30 14:09 UTC14.062AK4JACalling N4QA/4 on 14.062 MHz with 5 wattsAK4JA
11/30 13:12 UTC14062N4QA/4CQ from Oak Island (OKI) NC006SN4QA/4

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