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07/26 13:43 UTC14.060WB4MNK QRP OPS in park FlKB1M
07/26 02:27 UTC10.113KF7WNSCQ with 1W30 900mWKF7WNS
07/26 02:15 UTC10.113KF7WNSCalling CQKF7WNS
07/26 02:08 UTC3579.8N9EGTQSL emailN4QA
07/26 02:05 UTC3579.8N4QAI e-mailed youN9EGT
07/26 02:01 UTC3579N9EGTHad to QRT so XYL I could go out and see the ISS fly overN4QA
07/26 02:00 UTC3579N9EGTWill try ur C15 trick for Cricket to Cricket some day soon!N4QA
07/26 01:59 UTC3579N9EGTWayne, I was 600 milliwatts erp, using the FT-450D to the GADS! antennaN4QA
07/26 01:51 UTC3579N4QAI shorter out C15 to help with zero beat - use clipN9EGT
07/26 01:46 UTC3579.8N4QATnx so much u came up to 449 - much shortwave qrmN9EGT
07/26 01:46 UTC3579.8N9EGTGood QSO, Wayne. Will send more info laterN4QA

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